Get to know the municipalities of the Shore

Municipalities of Ribera de Chapala

The most important lake in Mexico has municipalities, that share culture, traditions and gastronomy that go back to the first native establishments and the Spanish colonization. Fall in love with its enviable weather stable throughout the whole year, with mild temperatures that round the 25º C. Get to know them.


The greatest municipality and main settlement since the prehispanic era.


Fertile land for growing berries.


Land of the most important furniture factories in the state.


Touristic center for practicing aquatic sports.

La Barca

Home of some local dishes, pride of local gastronomy.


Land of emblematic characters such as Gral. Ramón Corona.

Tizapán el Alto

One of the first places conquered in the country by Hernán Cortés.


Place full of culture and historical sites of the colonial era.

Zapotlán del Rey

Place where zapotes (fruit) flourish.

Ixtlahuacán de los Membrillos

Place of “Ojo de Agua” spring.

Know what you can do in the Ribera de Chapala

Chapala is for everyone. You have within your reach and ample range of outdoor and cultural activities, that are tailored to your personal taste. Discover them.