13 activities to do in Chapala

Visit Cultural Centre González Gallo

Located in the old train station; building that was opened in 1920 and closed 5 years after due to flooding caused by increase of the lake water elevation provoked by intense rainstorms. After the company went bankrupt, the building was owned by Mr Ricardo Aguilar and then by the family Gonzalez Gallo. It remained abandoned more than 10 years before it was restored thanks to its history and style by the municipal, state and federal governments by request of the town people.

Savor the traditional charales

One of the typical Chapala snacks are the tasteful charales; tiny fishes that can be enjoyed fried plain or with chile, salt and lemon.

Buy the traditional candies such as those of hibiscus, milk and jamoncillos

The "Chapalitas" are candies done early in the morning with warm milk just gotten from the cow, these small balls are rolled in sugar acquiring a chewing gum like consistency and a very special flavor. The "gallitos" or "agritos" are sour hibiscus caramels.

Tourist ride on Chapala Express

Live the experience of “Chapala Express” that will allow you to sightsee the town surroundings together with its culture.

Park La Cristianía

Offers extensive green area with grills, sport courts, playgrounds, where you can have a nice picnic in family. With additional fees you can enjoy the pools, waterslides and horse and pony rides.

Taste the traditional drink sangrita "Viuda de Sánchez"

This popular side chaser for tequila originated in Chapala ... Besides that, jointly with his wife they were known for serving tasty snacks. Don Mundo, as he was named by his close friends, served a tequila of his own preparation using small stone ovens.

Take the picture on the giant letters

Take a group or couple picture on the giant letters CHAPALA located in the beautiful waterfront esplanade.

Visit Isla de los Alacranes (Scorpions Island)

Considered as one of the most important Ceremonial Centers of the “Wirárika” culture in Mexico, but furthermore of the North America association of the indigenous people, where many gatherings take place at continental level. In the “huichol” beliefs, it is considered the life origin

Enjoy the carafe´s snow cones of assorted flavors.

In Chapala´s waterfront walkway it is traditional to enjoy a snow cone from carafes. Not doing it, it´s like not having been there

Art Galleries Ajijic

Jesús Victoriano López Vega, autodidact painter, born in Ajijic in 1962, was one of the inspired kids who started an artistic career at early age together with his contemporary friends in the Children´s Paint Shop established by the writer and benefactor Neill James Campbell within the Ajijic Public Library.

Ajijic Cultural Centre

You can´t miss a visit to the cultural centre where you can appreciate the paintings. They impart classes of teather, chorus, painting and regional dance for free to the town residents.

Horse ride in La Floresta

For a modest price you can ride a couple of hours enjoying the great landscape offered by our lakeshore.

San Andrés Apóstol Temple

In 1749 the placement of the first stone of the actual temple occurred, so it is 269 years ago when it started to be erected. It is consigned in a carved inscription on a side of the main entrance.