12 activities to do in Jocotepec

Enjoy the traditional birria in the main square portals

Pass to try the well qualified and recommended “birria” in Jocotepec main square, ask your plate from any of the following types, “carnaza”, rib and “peinecillo”. Savor it and web et that you Will feel like having another round.

Visit the lord of the huaje "The biggest Christ of Jalisco”

The Señor del Huaje is not only the largest and magnificent, but also the oldest with more than 300 years of history, being the starter of the cult of the Christs of Jocotepec.

Know the mural in the city hall and the culture house

The mural represents the encounter of two ways to perceive the world: the mathematic-rational thinking with the organic thinking, on the lake as central figures of the monumental painting made with acrylic paint.

Visit a traditional workshop and learn the manufacturing process of sarapes and overcoats

Serial shirts dressmaking. We work at our maximum effort to deliver the best. In the sewing shop we push ourselves to improve and satisfy our clients.

Enjoy in family the show of dolphins and macaws

Encounters with Dolphin kids takes 15 minutes. It is designed so babies from 1 to 3 years old can join mom or dad in the platform with the dolphins.

Lake ride in the Batur boat

Batur has capacity for 200 passengers with three decks, one dance ballroom, two bars, terrace and sunbathing space, between other services…. Available on weekends. Fee $ 745 pesos. Depart from Guadalajara at 10 am.

Watch the carafe snow preparation and taste the snow cones

The traditional carafe snows are the best desserts you can taste in many places in Mexico, specially in Jalisco. The traditional making is a full process that has been preserved through the years and provides the unique flavor to these snows.

If health is the point, you can´t miss to be in the termal Waters of San Juan Cosala

Pass to enjoy the thermal waters with your family and enjoy both the lakeview and the relaxing thermal bath.

Recreational and familiar area in the Jocotepec waterfront esplanade

Spend an entertaining day in the playground with relatives and friends

Early in the day walk the track to Cerro Viejo

Sendero Cerro Viejo is a back and forth track of 17.9 kilometers near Jocotepec. It is in the forest and is ranked as difficult. The track is used for hiking and nature journeys.

Don´t miss to visit the “huarache” workshop

Miguel Ramírez has delivered to the field and lake workers one of his best tools so the walk of the Farmer and Fisher will be easy before his arduous work. He weaves leather “huaraches” which are symbol of the working man and of our identity.

Learn about the process and tasting of craft beer.