12 activities to do in Ocotlán

Visit La Misericordia temple

The town people is ready for the festivities since september 15th with the "Grito de Dolores". On a side there is the Monument to the Señor de la Misericordia (Mercy Lord) and the Templo de la Purísima Virgen de Ocotlán (Ocotlan´s pure virgin temple)

Learn the history of the monument dedicated to the Mercy´s Lord

It´s been said that Sunday October 3rd of 1847, before the mass celebration in the “Purísima Concepción” cemetery in Ocotlán, more than 2 thousand people witnessed a perfect image of crucified Jesus Christ that appeared in the sky for more than 30 minutes.

Visit La Purísima chapel

Originally known as the Hospital Chapel, it was built by Franciscan priests in the XVI century.

Go all over the Ocotlán Museum of Anthropology and History (MAHO in Spanish)

Founded in 1975 counts with two halls inside the municipal presidency. In 1980, with the approval of the municipal council, it was moved to the culture house which later on was added a wider and functional building.

Appreciate the exhibitions in the Culture House

Opened in September 1982. It has a 1900 m2 of space. The facilities count with a library, exhibition hall, activities, lectures, workshops, conferences, theater and plastic arts.

Tour a furniture manufacturing plant with its exhibition hall

Visit the plant and learn the manufacturing process of good furniture in this town, qualified as the best for this purpose; enjoy the exhibition hall with its diversity of styles made there

Enjoy with the family the ecologic park La Eucalera

The construction was in charge of the Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Works where the Jalisco government invested 38 million pesos from the Metropolitan Fund 2013.

Get into the history through the stained glass in the City Hall

It expresses the Conquist, the Independence period, the Revolution where more than 2 thousand men died in the Ocotlan battle, setting the end of the Mexican Revolution. The stained glass is undoubtedly a work of plastic artists that we cannot avoid visiting.

Visit the train station

The Ocotlan station was built on land of what was Rancho Paso Blanco, then acquired by the old Compañía Limitada del Ferrocarril Central Mexicano in April 2nd, 1888.

Buy gourmet and table cheese

Try and buy from one of our cheese factories their great gourmet cheese and enjoy its outstanding flavor.

Taste the traditional gastronomy such as the “caldo michi” and “tostadas de salchichón”

Caldo michi is a soup of freshwater fish with boiled vegetables and hot pepper. Generally is done with catfish and green chile. This plate is originally from the Ocotlan zone because the fish comes from the Chapala lake.

Live the tales tour in the municipal cemetery

Follow the beyond the grave tales, join us in the tour within the municipal graveyard.