12 activities to do in Poncitlán

Parish of Nuestra Señora del Rosario

Before this parish was erected in the XX century beginning, the Poncitlán community shrine on site no longer exists but told the history of the New Galicia. The chronicler of the town Luis Antonio Franco Acosta talks about this cultural point of the “Ciénega” region.

Buy the traditional “picones”

Even though the “picón” is a bread originated in Spain in the colonial age, it was popularized in various Jalisco towns both its bake and consumption in such a way that it is now part of their culinary traditions.

Know Mezcala museum

This museum collection is diverse, its themes range from cave paintings in the “cueva del toro” (bull cave), petroglyphs which are abundant in the region, paleontologic rests and archaeologic pieces mainly related to Tlaloc, the liquor of the earth.

Visit Isla del Presidio

This island gained prestige from several battles that took place here during the Independence War and because there is prison, sole only military architecture work in Jalisco territory.

Take part of the Isla de Mezcala purification rite

Be part of this purification experience in the island where the locals consider it a mystic place full of energy for this type of rituals

Mysticism in Foco Tonal

There are unexplained spaces and events that surprise and fascinate anybody. From bewitched to cosmic places, perhaps the best example is the Foco Tonal, a few minutes from Ocotlán. A place that it is said counts with a unique energy that is even capable to heal the most complicated diseases

Visita el "Cerrode Chiquihuitillo", Monilitos labrados y petroglifos.

Cerro Chiquihuitillo is a hill in Jalisco at 986 meters elevation. It is located southwest of El Escorpión, near El Carrizalillo.

San Jacinto theater workshop (Legend, staging of a local character)

The activity consists of an artistic exercise which departs from the observation of archeological objects to stimulate in the participants new esthetic senses and reflection of the prehispanic art, where those interested will explore the drawing and collage to realize exercises of evocation and new significance that will allow them to discover in a creative manner the aesthetic value of the more ancient ceramic of America and in this way give it new senses to the archaeologic fragments.

El Pinar (pine forest) Cottages

There, they can organize walking as well as all terrain excursions. It is 25 minutes from Chapala or 2 hours from Guadalajara by car.

Don´t lose the sunset from the San Pedro Itzicán

Enjoy this marvelous view where you can contemplate the lake in all its extension and splendor, as well as their fantastic sunrises and sunsets.

Inmaculada Concepción Chapel and the fraternity tree in the Santa Cruz el Grande community.

This beautiful place was an Indian´s Hospital in the 1500´s years. A grand religious work of art.

Tour the milky goats farm "Granja Gallo de Allende"

Enjoy an authentic adventure in our farm with milking goats meanwhile admiring the best Lake views. This farm is first in its type and offers unbelievable activities for all.