6 activities to do in Tizapán el Alto

Visit the parish of San Francisco de Asís, its towers are the highest of the state of Jalisco

In the interior there is a wooden sculpture of San Francisco de Asís from the XVII Century, gold stewed. There are also murals dated from recent ages (1935). The towers, which appear to emerge from the water on the other side of the lake, can be seen from the Chapala municipality.

Ruins of the “haciendas” (rich people farms) San Francisco Javier

It is a group of ruins that tells you how were the “haciendas” in the XVI century. In the time that it was built, it was the town center.

Visit with family the ecological park Los Sauces and the river La Pasión

In the Sauces park there are grills where you can arrive with your family and prepare a tasty grilled meat under the shadow of the willow trees in the riverside. Regrettably, it is only practical for high vehicles.

Igloo kokolo, a unique lodging concept, camp and workshops of sustained spaces

Igloo kokolo is a familiar Project born from the idea to experiment and disseminate life alternatives in equilibrium with the ecosystem and the beings living there. These cottages are located at the Chapala lakeside in a 15 hectares space of virgin land.

Goat or Cow Pajaretes Kato, or Pajarete Rodriguez

Come and try the hot tasty “pajarete” in their facilities.

The “borregones” pelicans

Their real name of these birds is American White pelican, one of the largest in North America. Their wings spread is three meters with an average weight of 7.75 kilograms.