10 activities to do in La Barca

Architecture of the cultural center La Moreña

La Moreña, built in 1855, is an architectural jewel located on one side of the La Barca main square. The museum has three setting rooms, XIX century furniture, temporary exhibit halls and the master archives of teacher José Luis Razo Zaragoza, specialized in the town history.

Murals of "El Burro de Oro"

There in "La Moreña" someone proposed himself to make a stamps book to show to subsequent generations how it was the world in which lived those who knew the greatness of La Barca.

Santa Mónica Parish

A true work of art of the regional architecture dated from Century XVIII. The facade is made of pink stone; in its front there are four niches, two on each side with sculptures of San Pedro, San Pablo, Santa Mónica and San Agustín.

Taste the “tatemada” goat birria

Traditionally the birria is prepared in a similar way to barbacoa, wrapped in agave main ribs and fire cooked. However, there are other ways as the famous "birria tatemada" which is cooked in oven with faster procedures.

Try the traditional beverage called "Cazuelas Voladoras" (Flying Saucepans)

“La Cazuela Voladora” originates in a restaurant in charge of Don Antonio Barocio Delgado known as El Arroyo de Comala located in the Lerma Riverside; Don Antonio was the pioneer of this drink created in the 30´s.

Capilla de San Nicolas de Tolentino

Buy the gourd pies

Bread lovers know well that pies are delicious, each one with their own filling. Those stuffed with gourd are traditional for its flavor and you find them in La Barca.

Disfruta la arquitectura colonial, los portales y edificaciones del centro historico

Train station

By oral tradition it is known that it was set on fire during the revolution period when Victoriano Huerta and Álvaro Obregón troops fight in the Lerma-Santiago river bridge

Buy the delightful cheeses and dairy products

Buy and enjoy a wide diversity of chesses and dairy products in the zone; al lof them regional and of excellent quality.